Getting Ready to Dance

For Students Ages 3-7




The Best Dance Introduction

We want every child's introduction to dance to be a positive one, and this means respecting each student's independent learning styles.  Some children learn by watching and others joyfully jump in to try something new. Whatever your child's learning style, we will work to make  them comfortable with initiating this new activity.



Respecting Dance

From the first moment a dancer steps into the studio, we teach them to honor and respect dance. Proper dance etiquette is observed and respect for others is encouraged. Listening and following directions is the first step towards learning. Students are expected to participate in all the activities and are not allowed to wander around the room or distract others.


Uninterrupted Creative Time

For all dancers there is a time to perform and a time to be self absorbed, learning about the body through the pleasure and freedom of movement for movement's sake. Classes are closed to visitors and parents are asked to wait outside the classroom to free the children to take risks with movement, to focus on their feelings and to perform for themselves, not for others.






Unlike regular shoes, a correct fit for ballet shoes means the shoe fits like a glove. Since young dancers are still growing, a streamline fit is not always practical. Most parents want to get a season's use out of them, you may want to purchase them with a little room to grow.

To wear shoes properly, you must pull the drawstring carefully so it only takes up gaps in the width of the shoe. When fit properly, knot the strings, tie into a bow and then cut off excess string. When you put on the ballet shoes, tuck these bows into the front of the shoe.






Dance wear is designed to allow a student freedom of movement while allowing a teacher to see the lines of musculature of the body. You may wear any style or color of dance wear in the classes for children 3-7 year olds.

Please wear tights.






* TRY to be ON TIME. Each class is designed with a set warm-up and exercises which graduate to more challenging work.

* Please make sure your child uses the restroom before class.
* Please make sure hair is pulled back off dancers face.