JDS holds 2 sessions per year. The school year session runs from August through May culminating with the Spring recital on the first Sunday in June at the RiverPark Center.
Our summer session starts mid-June and runs for 5 weeks. A summer session page with details comes to News and Events when summer registration starts.  (Students who have registered for the school year session will not be charged the registration fee for the summer session.)

  2019-2020 Rates


A $30 per student non-refundable fee is due one time per year at the time of enrollment. (Our fiscal year is August 1-July 31) Adult classes excluded.





Class time weekly =                            Monthly fee


30 minutes per week                         $46.00 monthly

45 minutes per week                         $53.00   monthly

1 hour per week                                 $60.00   monthly

1 1/2 Hours per week                        $80.00   monthly

2 hours per week                               $104.00  monthly

2 1/2 hours per week                        $121.00  monthly

3 hours per week                               $137.00  monthly

4 hours per week                               $165.00  monthly

Unlimited                                            $182.00  monthly


Families - A 10% discount will apply to the 2nd and 3rd family member total tuition.


Adult Classes            10 class punch card      $75.00

                                   Single class                  $12.00


2% Discount available for those who pay a full year in advance.



Class Descriptions

Creative 2's- (2 years old by June 1st)- Designed to develop coordination, balance, rhythm, and self-expression through songs, dance, movement, and basic tumbling skills. Parent or guardian remains with dancer through class.

Combination- (3-5 years old)- Designed to develop coordination, balance, rhythm, and self-expression through songs, dance, creative movement, and tumbling skills.

Combination- (6-7 year olds)- Designed to provide the young dancer with an excellent foundation that includes ballet, tap, tumbling, and jazz.

Ballet- (ages 8-adult)- Foundation of all dance forms, the dancer's body placement, strength, and flexibility are developed through barre and center work.

Jazz- (Ages 8-adult)- Various Styles of jazz dance are explored through warm-ups, strengthening, stretching, progressions, and combinations.

Tap- (Ages 8-adult)- Many styles of tap dance explored with students through warm-ups, across the floor, progressions, and combinations.

Hip Hop- (ages 8-adult)- Various styles of street dance, funk and video dance movements.

Competition Team- (ages 7 and up)-Incorporates multiple styles of dance and features performance opportunities throughout the year.

Lyrical- (ages 8-adult)-A style that blends ballet and jazz dance. It is more fluid and up-tempo than ballet, but not as fast-paced as jazz dance.

Acro Dance- Acro dance is the fusion of the artistic motion of dance and the athleticism of acrobatic gymnastics.

Aerial Silks- Beginner classes build upper body and core strength as well as leg and shoulder flexibility. These classes focus on fundamental moves and the aerial vocabulary.

Cardio Soul- This class will take basic dance steps and turn them into a cardio workout. With lively music, dancing, and sweat you will get your body pumping and feel great doing it.